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London-born Munroe began life as a folk artist, playing open mics and small gigs around her adopted hometown of Manchester. Yet it eventually became clear that her ambitions were higher than that. Since her departure from an oppressive church and the end of a long-term relationship, she’s been on a journey of learning exactly who she is when she’s totally free. It’s encapsulated in 2021’s Softest Edge EP, an ode to exploring beyond all constricting boundaries, whether musical or personal.

It took Munroe years to make the difficult decision to break from the church, even as her awareness grew that it was in misalignment with all of her values. When she finally did, and at the same time went through a breakup, her identity was shaken to its core. On her debut EP, 2020’s Our Heaviness, she explored the pain and turbulence that came with the departure. The EP garnered praise from BBC Introducing, DIY and The Line of Best Fit, and even an Instagram shoutout from one of Munroe’s heroes Sharon Van Etten. 

Munroe worked with producer Steph Marziano — known for work with Hayley Williams and Denai Moore — to bring Softest Edge, plus standalone singles “Weekend Love” and “Hornets”, to life. With these songs, Munroe establishes herself as a powerful songwriting force. The EP’s moody title track “Softest Edge” came from Munroe’s desire to write one definitive breakup song, rather than letting it dominate her writing. She crafted the song’s structure to mimic the waves of grief, ending in a definitive crash where she realises: “You broke something in me that needed to be broken.” 

The glitchy acoustic number “Andrew” recounts the last night of a relationship, allowing Munroe to flex her muscles in vulnerable, poignant storytelling. Meanwhile, “Need A Ride” is a celebration of sexual independence, and the EP’s most commanding rock song. The EP’s final track, “Parallel”, is its standout. It’s a platonic love song to Munroe’s best friend, a COVID ICU nurse at the time, through the medium of Robyn-esque electro-pop.

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