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Lindsay Munroe is a captivating new alt-indie artist based in Manchester. Bold and unflinchingly honest, she pairs swelling synths and swaggering guitars with painfully introspective lyrics, evoking acts like Sharon Van Etten, Laura Marling and Marika Hackman. At once assured and startlingly vulnerable, her music invites you into her world, but on her terms.


‘Need A Ride’ is Munroe’s first single since the release of her Sharon Van Etten-approved debut EP ‘Our Heaviness’. Whilst that centred on her divorce from a conservative church, ‘Need A Ride’ signals a new era of independence and confidence for Munroe where she’s got her hands firmly on the wheel.

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Press: paddy@stayloose.co.uk

Management/Bookings: lindsaymunroes@gmail.com


Lindsay Munroe is supported by PRS Foundation's The Open Fund